Primus Acquires CMMI® Level 3 Certification
Published on : 07/07/2011

Amman – July 7, 2011: After undergoing 18 months of intense work and preparation in covering process management, project management, engineering, and support functions, Primus today announced receiving Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) ® Level 3 certification. The evaluations for the purpose of receiving the certification were conducted by a lead appraiser and a professional evaluation organization, both of whom have been certified by Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

CMMI is a software development process improvement approach which has today become the internationally recognized standard for measuring an organization's capability to apply a process based methodology to software development. This approach integrates the entire spectrum of software development, including software engineering, testing, and project management. Attaining this worldwide industry standard certification signals Primus’ commitment to enhanced product quality and production efficiency, and underscores the Company’s capability to adhere to specific processes, procedures, and practices.

This maturity level 3-Defined CMMI® certification allows Primus to fully meet the requirements for 17 process areas, including requirements management, integrated project management, technical solutions, process and product quality assurance, decision analysis and resolution and risk management. The maturity level also enables Primus to maintain maximum monitoring and control of its projects and organizational processes, leading in turn, to a more competent and a well-organized work flow. Such a well structured workflow will support Primus’ overall objective of maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction through better and stronger communication procedures.

Mr. Amer Nasereddin, Primus’ Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer stated: “We are very proud of this achievement, as this effort is reflected in better business value for our clients in terms of improved processes, increased productivity, and the ability to meet goals in terms of cost, schedule, functionality and product quality. This achievement goes hand in hand with our continued commitment to providing high quality software solutions, in addition to investing in further developing the capabilities of our people as individuals and as a team”. Also noting the efforts of employees towards attaining this prestigious certification, Mr. Nasereddin added, “deeming the CMMI® certification a golden opportunity, Primus’ team worked diligently and with the utmost proficiency to define the processes to both achieve CMMI specific practices, and align them to our organizational objectives and goals. Our people demonstrated exceptional professionalism and determination in building, implementing and maintaining processes which improve Primus’ performance and productivity while guaranteeing the highest level of quality products and services”.

Speaking about the CMMI® certification, a Primus team member noted, “Working with skilled, enthusiastic and committed individuals made the CMMI® journey an even more inspiring one. The atmosphere was that of determination and professionalism, and this is what led us to the success we achieved. A lot of hard work, effort and a great deal of heart went into achieving this certificate, and it was all worth it”.

In Celebration of this achievement, “CMMI and Spot – Graduation Ceremony” will was held under the Patronage of H.E. Eng. Atef Al Tal, Minister of Information and Communication Technology. Entitled “21st Century Workforce: Change, Challenge and opportunity in the Global Economy”, the event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel Amman, on July 6th 2011.

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Established in 1996 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, PRIMUS is a regional company and market leader with a specialized focus on software solutions, consultancy and infrastructure services.

PRIMUS employs over 100 exceptionally talented people who are up-to-date with new technologies and software programming. We span the region with offices in Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; in addition to representational offices in Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon and notable presence in the United States through local partners.

For over a decade, PRIMUS has helped clients increase their potential and ultimately, their efficiency. We understand business needs and the requirements of specific industries, and have successfully transformed the operations of both public and private leading entities with our expertise and means of creating complete solutions.

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