Primus Partakes in Amman Tech Tuesday
Published on : 21/07/2011

Primus, one of the regional total IT solutions provider, participated in an interactive session under the title of “IT Industry Edition” in Amman Tech Tuesday held at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) on the 5th of July, 2011.

The main aim of the “IT Industry Edition” session was to connect the local technology community and educate the university students about the IT industry history, growth and sustainability, as well as its future prophecies.

The discussion was lead by various key speakers who have a very valuable experience and a leadership role in the industry; Mr. Amer Nasereddin from Primus, Mr. Samer Jabari from Focus, Mr. Abed Shamlawi from Int@j and Mr. Ziad Masri from Maysalward.

Mr. Amer Nasereddin, Primus’ Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) was a guest speaker and started his speech by expressing his ultimate pleasure in sharing his personal experience with such a crowd that represents Jordan Intellectual Capital.

Mr. Amer encouraged the Jordanian youth to start their own business and added: “Primus started out as a vision shared by two young and ambitious Jordanians with great aspirations, it was just an idea that we have improved until we reached this level today. Primus nowadays is considered to be one of the leading IT Companies in the region that has a specialized focus on software solutions, consultancy and infrastructure services”.

Mr. Nasereddin also stressed on the importance of utilizing the sector opportunities and focusing on the Jordanian youth exceptional trait, which is “thinking out of the box”. Mr. Amer contined: “another vital advice to our beloved developers; always remember that you should marry the business to the technology, your proposed solution should fit the client and the business needs”.

According to Mr. Amer Nasereddin, the session was highly engaging and interactive;“such discussions open a door for valuable exchange of opinions between business leaders and the youth of our country,” Mr. Amer said. “Students want to be heard and want to learn more about the economy challenges as well as benefits so they can equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to compete and be better prepared for today’s labor market”, Mr. Amer added.

Amman Tech Tuesday, a 2-hour event held on the first Tuesday of every month, brings together various technology experts, local technologists/engineers, entrepreneurs, decision makers and marketers to encourage the process of technological innovation in Jordan. 

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Established in 1996 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, PRIMUS is a regional company and market leader with a specialized focus on software solutions, consultancy and infrastructure services.

PRIMUS employs over 100 exceptionally talented people who are up-to-date with new technologies and software programming. We span the region with offices in Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; in addition to representational offices in Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon and notable presence in the United States through local partners.

For over a decade, PRIMUS has helped clients increase their potential and ultimately, their efficiency. We understand business needs and the requirements of specific industries, and have successfully transformed the operations of both public and private leading entities with our expertise and means of creating complete solutions.

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