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E-Court Platform (Mahakim)


Mahakim is a comprehensive web-based platform that was designed for the automation of law court operations; including the automation of lawsuits and court case registration and processing.

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Education Management Information System (Edara)


Edara is an educational platform that collects, stores, processes and analyzes data, serving as a tool for enhancing educational systems and policies. It also establishes a comprehensive, efficient and sustainable educational information database at the national level.

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Social Safety Net (Mosa'adat)


Mosa’adat is an “easy-to-use” web application that was developed to fully automate the operations of ministries of Social Affairs and Social Welfare agencies.

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Food Import Management Information System (FIMIS)


National Health Programs recognize that a safe and nutritious food supply is a major contributory factor to the health of a country’s citizens and that there is a need to maintain a reputation nationally and internationally as a supplier of safe food

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Comprehensive Integrated Tariff System (CITS)


Customs operations require “high-security” measures to protect the Customs data and records available in existing Customs’ clearance software (ASYCUDA); hence, CITS poses as a “middleware” application that provides all necessary information to..

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Parliament Chamber Project


Jordanian parliament’s chamber is the place where all members and senates vote on the proposed regulations. Primus was assigned the mission of upgrading the voting and the recording systems, during the past years...

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This is E-Diwan is a comprehensive, web-based platform which was designed for managing correspondences for an organization.  It starts by generating correspondence numbers, and then forwarding the intended correspondence to the pre-defined routes, and finally alerts the intended users of their duties based on the correspondences.  

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